The festival's signature ride starts Saturday with a “Triple Crown Ride” covering 30+ miles with a 5,200 elevation gain. Riders should arrive at the Divided Sky at 7:30am to register for the ride. The ride will kick off at around 8am as soon as you want to roll out, no mass start. 


  • Start at Divided Sky, 3200 US Highway 50 in Meyers, CA

  • Ride up Highway 50 toward Echo Summit for ½ mile

  • Turn left on South Upper Truckee Road, continue on the road for 4 miles until you get to the trailhead for the bottom of Christmas Valley Trail (aka Lake Valley)

  • Ride up Christmas Valley Trail for 4 miles until you get to the intersection of the Tahoe Rim Trail, turn left here and continue on toward Big Meadow

  • At approximately mile 11 you will cross Highway 89 and ride through the parking lot where there is bathroom if needed. Continue on the Tahoe Rim Trail and pedal up to the top of Toad's (aka Saxon Creek)

  • At approximately mile 15 you will be at the top of Toad's, here you take a left and veer off the Tahoe Rim Trail entering upper Toad's and the famed rock gardens

  • At the bottom of Toad's (mile 22) you will meet up with the paved Forest Service Road, Fountain Place. Pedal up Fountain Place Road to the top of Armstrong Connector Trail (mile 25.5)

  • Haul down Armstrong Connector to Corral Trail – take your pick between riding upper Corral or Sidewinder the meet back up on Lower Corral and air out on the new TAMBA built jumps and berms

  • At the bottom of Corral ride Powerline dirt road back to Fountain Place Road, cut back over to the bottom of Toads and ride the neighborhood trails through Zapotec Dr and out behind Wattabike.  Give the guys at Wattabike a high-five as you pass by, and then continue on back to Divided Sky to partake in the Festival! 


Meyers offers a wide variety of trails for all levels. Here are a few of the trails in the area:


  • Hawley Grade

    • Trail Start: Top of Echo Summit 

    • Trail End: End of S. Upper Truckee Rd., next to river.

  • Christmas Valley Trail

    • Trail Start: Big Meadow Trailhead, Hwy. 89

    • Trail End: End of S. Upper Truckee Rd., Parking lot at bottom of single lane section.

  • Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

    • Trail Start: Just Past Big Meadow parking lot on left about 1 mile.

    • Trail End: Oneidas Rd Area

  • Corral Trail

    • Trail Start: Oneidas Rd.

    • Trail End: Oneidas Rd.

  • Incense Cedar Trail

  • Sidewinder Trail

  • Armstrong Pass Trail

  • Armstrong Connector

  • Tahoe Mtn. Trails

    • Trail Start: Tahoe Mtn Rd. - Drive up approx 1/4 mile, Park at Forest Service gate on right side of road.

    • Trail End: Same location

  • Washoe Meadows Trails

  • Tahoe Rim Trail